Ningxia GuoLong Medical Group

    In July of 2015, Ningxia Guolong Medical Development Group LTD., and PreferUS Healthcare entered into an equity partnership that will significantly expand the capabilities of each partner. 

    The initial parameters of this partnership will result in PreferUS advising on the design and build-out of Guolong’s new hospital in Yinchuan. The hospital will be the new home for Guolong’s two existing facilities in Yinchuan and will be built to international standards level. 

    PreferUS will also provide extensive training for Guolong’s nurses, doctors and management at PreferUS training centers in the United States over a seven-year period. In August and December of 2015, Guolong sent their first two training groups of nurses and management to the Oklahoma Heart Hospital, where they participated in extensive sessions focused on nursing protocols and hospital management methodologies. By the end of 2017, PreferUS was responsible for training over 40 nurses, doctors and administrators at all four PreferUS institutional training centers. 


    PreferUS will drive the re-launching of the Guolong Shanghai Hospital in the Pudong section of Shanghai. In this project, PreferUS will bring its high-end orthopedic and cardiovascular models as well as western hospital management techniques. PreferUS Chief Executive Officer, Michael Franz, has agreed to also serve as the Guolong Group CEO.


    Ningxia Guolong Medical Development Company, an established and growing Chinese company specializing in hospital management and services, is located in Yinchuan, China situated in the northwest part of China. In March of 1995, the first hospital in Yinchuan was opened and was quickly followed by a second facility. Today, Guolong has two hospitals in Yinchuan, while a third hospital, opened in 2013 is located in the Pudong District of Shanghai. Guolong possesses future expansion plans in both Yinchuan and Shanghai where there is a strong demand for high quality medical services that Guolong and PreferUS Healthcare will partner to provide.


    Yinchuan Guolong Hospital is the only hospital that has the secondary independent branch of orthopedics in the Ningxia Province and surrounding areas. They are known for outstanding surgical expertise in orthopedics and OBGYN. The hospital is one of only a few that are able to treat patients with scoliosis, joint replacement, complex spine and extremities fractures as well as severed finger reattachment in Ningxia.


    At an annual rate of more than 4,500 patients, 2,100 of them being orthopedic cases, Yinchuan Guolong Hospital’s surgery success rate is 99.5%. After 15 years of development, it has become the most popular specialized hospital in the Ningxia Province.