Hospital Performance Improvement Services

PreferUS offers options for comprehensive hospital design and implementation along with a full scope of western management services and leadership training.

As an example of our experience in hospital design and development, in 2015, PreferUS was awarded the opportunity to design an international standards hospital. This hospital was a partnership hospital between Capital Healthcare Group and China’s top orthopedic hospital, JiShuiTan Hospital in Beijing. The design project was completed in July of 2015 and PreferUS will actively participate in the build out of this hospital project.

PreferUS provides western model organizational and leadership/management services utilizing the combination of our dual U.S. and China-side management teams.  We have the ability to offer on-site education for your leadership team, augmented with U.S. based training  for variable time frames ranging from 2 weeks to one month. 

We have the knowledge to assist on complete hospital reorganizations to closely mirror a western hospital in board and physician governance, departmental leadership, organizational chart development, performance/satisfaction metrics and quality. We are able to limit our scope to one or several departments or governance functions. 

Examples of our projects include focusing on western leadership models: 

•  Pre-project & Conceptual Design Work for Healthcare Facilities
•  Complete Medical Program Planning and Start-up Services
•  Preliminary, Detailed & Final Facility Design Plans
•  Major Equipment Planning Services
•  Clinical Program Planning and Implementation
•  Staffing Plan Development

Our measure of success is assisting our partners in executing a vision for leadership and organizational development.