PreferUS and Guolong Medical Group Expand Partnership and New Training Opportunity

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PreferUS and Guolong Medical Group Expand Partnership and New Training Opportunity


Left to right: Dr. Zhanwen Zhou, Dr. Shuju Zhang, Dr. Cunsai Zhao, Dr. Ningbo Sun and Dr. Tai Teng receive their certificates of training. PreferUS Healthcare CEO, Michael Franz and English Course Instructor, Kejia Liu, discuss each of the doctors’ upcoming observations in Los Angeles, Dallas and Oklahoma City.


Overland Park, KS (December 16, 2016): Since the initial deal signing in July of 2015, which created an equity investment from PreferUS into the Guolong Group, there has been significant progress in meeting the demand for training in the U.S. As part of their multi-phase partnership, PreferUS agreed to train 86 personnel over a 7-year period. These trainees will consist of top administration, doctors and nurses.
In October of 2016, PreferUS invited five Guolong doctors to their U.S. headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas for two-months. These doctors received in-depth English courses from a certified medical translator focusing on medical dialogue. The intent is to teach the importance of communication and understanding between the Chinese doctor and Western doctors they will observe in the next phase of their U.S. visit.
After the two-month English training courses, the doctors participated in a four-month observation at a PreferUS training center in their respective specialties of sports medicine, joints, spine, obstetrics and cardiology.
PreferUS Healthcare Manager of Marketing and Training, David Franz, feels a shift in momentum towards the future of training. “Our list of training services that we provide to our partners has become more diverse now with the offering of English language courses. We’re aiming to create a successful experience in their visit to the U.S.,” said Franz.
At the conclusion of this new wave of training on April 1, 2017, PreferUS will have reached 40% of their training agreement with the Guolong Group.

About Guolong Medical Group

Today, Guolong Medical Group has two hospitals in Yinchuan, while a third hospital, opened in 2013 is located in the Pudong District of Shanghai. Guolong possesses future expansion plans in both Yinchuan and Shanghai where there is a strong demand for high quality medical services that Guolong and PreferUS Healthcare will partner to provide. Yinchuan Guolong Hospital is the only hospital that has the secondary independent branch of orthopedics in the Ningxia Province and surrounding areas. They are known for outstanding surgical expertise in orthopedics and OBGYN.

About PreferUS Healthcare

PreferUS Healthcare is a group of over 100 U.S. orthopedic surgeons and cardiologists committed to delivering the most advanced international medical services to the China marketplace. Their scope of services will cater to a target market consisting of: affluent Chinese, expatriates and medical tourists. Today, PreferUS has established relationships with three world-renowned institutions in the U.S., where they will train and educate their Chinese surgeon-partners. In 2008, PreferUS entered the Chinese healthcare market with the intention of learning the China healthcare landscape with an ultimate goal of finding the optimum fit between western practices and Chinese cultural tendencies. PreferUS has also established important relationships with several of China’s most senior orthopedic key opinion leaders. These relationships will be significant as PreferUS and Guolong share a vision and a strong work ethic to establish a chain of top private orthopedic surgery hospitals across China. The collaborative efforts will make for a unique offering to the Chinese healthcare market.

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