A New Adventure in China Awaits

A New Adventure in China Awaits

After nearly 30 years in Senior leadership roles in US healthcare organizations, I was ready for a new and exciting challenge.  What better challenge than moving full time to Shanghai China to join PreferUS Healthcare. It has been exciting to join this organization and to help advance PreferUS’s goal of partnering with Chinese healthcare organizations to dramatically improve the quality of healthcare services they are delivering in China.

The timing for this approach is perfect as China is currently going through an explosion in the healthcare sector with private hospitals and clinics springing up at an aggressive pace to meet the healthcare needs of a rapidly aging population. These hospitals often lack experience and expertise in clinical care delivery and advanced specialty care.  Therefore, there is an opportunity to partner with these organizations to bring proven western healthcare best practices to China.

So far, the results have been very encouraging, with our Chinese partners embracing our approach.  In fact, our clinical care improvement results at one of our Chinese partner hospital systems have been chosen to be presented at the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) national meeting this winter in Orlando, Florida.

Finally, living in China has also been a great adventure so far for my wife Susan and myself.  We have welcomed the opportunity to learn as much as we can about this unique culture and get out and explore as much as possible.  We have made Chinese friends as well as friends from around the world.  We continue to be excited about where this journey will take us personally, as well as where it will take PreferUS Healthcare. The opportunities are limitless.    

- Ken Howell

Executive Vice President of China Operations